Detailed Construction Estimating Pays for Itself

Residential Estimating Service – Detailed Lumber Takeoff Estimates and So Much More!

Your lumber takeoff estimate is much more than just a count of material.  It is your best tool for controlling costs and optimizing construction methods in order to be more competitive in a difficult market

At Residential Estimating Service, we focus on the details to make sure you get the estimate the way you want it.

With a Residential Estimate, You’ll Be Able to Control:

  • Your Budget
    • You Estimate will be Organized by Cost Code
  • Waste
    • Material Use is Well Documented
  • Jobsite Theft
    • Order ONLY the Material You Need AS You Need It
  • Jobsite Vandalism
    • Less Material Lying Around Attracting Vandals
  • Trade Misuse
    • Catch Trade Mistakes Early

Experience pays off for Residential Estimating customers. 

  • I’ve been estimating full-time, professionally, since 1992. 
  • Production Homebuilding goes back to 1988
  • Custom Homebuilding experience in construction goes back to 1980.

Experience cannot be taught.  It must be earned.
I come from a homebuilding family.  From the time I turned 11, I was helping my father along with my brothers in our family homebuilding business.  In 1980, I went to work full-time building homes. 

When I learned homebuilding, a builder actually built his homes.  I’ve set the forms, framed houses, run plumbing pipes, pulled wire, insulated, trimmed, painted, done tractor work, landscaping, and much more.  This is why I am able to estimate professionally – because I know how the trades think and how they will use the materials I am estimating. 

I do my best to analyse your plans, understand your specifications, anticipate your material needs, know how your trades will use them, understand your budget needs.  In short, I try to think like the Builder, the Trade and the Supplier to help provide what everyone needs in an estimate: accuracy.

Let me put my experience to work for you and deliver an estimate that will be a management tool to help you save time and money on site.